Monday, May 21, 2012

Drug User Rights Are Being Abused Globally

     The time has come, friends and family, to acknowledge that a terrible crime against humanity has been committed. A crime whose roots stretch far beyond the time in history when the the modern day "War on Drugs" began. Humans have a long history of ingesting substances that alter our moods or consciousness. What is not acknowledged forthrightly in recorded human histories is the moral ambivalence about mood altering/ psychoactive substances exhibited by cultures and civilizations that have in turn created laws that define legal versus illegal use of various substances.                                    
       This moral lassitude has encouraged an atmosphere where governments in cooperation with law enforcement authorities commit human rights abuses on a daily basis against people who use drugs. Crimes that include murder and torture among others. The ripple effect of this criminal justice nightmare reverberates throughout our society, causing immeasurable damage to our ability to create stable communities in which human Endeavour can flourish. Meanwhile we continue to chemically alter our moods despite the consequences by the billions on a daily basis.
       We the Drug Users Rights Action Network plan to expose this global moral dilemma and demand changes in the way that human society addresses this issue. The abuses of the civil and human rights of drug users must end in order for humanity to progress further. We demand compassion for all drug users around the globe and an end to the immoral persecution of people who use drugs.

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