Thursday, June 14, 2012

Documentation of Abuses at Vietnamese Drug detention Centers

Link to various versions of the report by Human Rights Watch.

Amazing article on UNODC from OSF

"These reports identified instances when UNODC projects facilitated the arrests that led to death sentences or executions as well as the development of drug detention centres, where former detainees told of being subject to forced labour and cruel inhuman and degrading treatment."

Human Rights Commission

Human Rights Commission John Lorenz Executive Director DURAN testified before the San Francisco Human Rights Comission. My testimony is at 2:01:00

Monday, June 11, 2012

Documentation of a Medical Human Rights Abuse

     See this PDF of a liver transplant denial and join DURAN in denouncing this heinous torture of liver, kidney, and other vital organ transplant patients. It is common now  to deny transplant patients for using medical marijuana even if it's legal in the patients home state. What this article about two Cedars-Sinai patients reveals is that they are being physically tortured for continuing to use medical marijuana.
     How are they being tortured? In the case of Toni Trujillo she is going to have to continue on kidney dialysis while she goes to the back of the list she waited on for 6 years. In other words the hospital is coercing the patients into medical compliance by forcing them to continue living with a painful, chronic, life threatening illness, and to have to continue with an extremely painful, debilitating, and disfiguring, treatment. Sounds a lot like torture. No human being should be subjected to such treatment unnecessarily or denied proper medical care for the act of ingesting any substance.