Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Manifest Destiny: The Expansion of Drug User Groups in the U.S.A. and Around the World

    The time has come brothers and sisters, to marshall our forces and take steps to promote the formation of drug user groups in all the cities, towns, and states of the United States of America, and the rest of the planet. Most of us know intimately of the discrimination and stigmatization drug users suffer in our individual localities, but to conceptualize the extent to which real atrocities occur daily, on a global basis, to drug users is a truly staggering and painful thing to understand. The handful of groups run by drug users for drug users in current existence is in a statistically insignificant proportion to the vast numbers of drug users, an undeniable fact, and for the good of all the communities we participate in this situation needs to change.
   There are far too many places in the USA for example, where the idea that drug users could possibly speak up and advocate for themselves is a completely foreign idea.  Systematically, drug users are brainwashed into believing they are the lowest elements of society and are therefore powerless.This lie is only true if we believe it. We are actually capable of doing much more for ourselves and the places we live then we have been led to believe.
   Right now is the time to pursue the expansion of drug user groups as far and as wide as possible. The rest of the world is waking up to what we have known for so long. The Drug War is a war on all human beings, but especially drug users who suffer the most, have lost the most, and have the most to lose as it continues. We cannot put all our trust in others to guide us and protect us it is time to realize the power we already have to organize, advocate for, and empower, our fellow drug users.